PM Kisan KYC Update – eKYC Process, Eligibility, Latest News and Updates

Here you will find the essential information regarding PM Kisan KYC Update – eKYC Process, Eligibility, Latest News and Updates. The PM Kisan Samman Yojana is a program that provides financial assistance to eligible Indian farmers. To continue receiving the financial benefits under this scheme, beneficiaries are needed to complete an electronic Know Your Customer process. This process verifies your identity and ensures smooth transfers of funds, and to continue receiving this installment, the recipients are required to complete the eKYC process is mandatory. To know more about the PM Kisan KYC Update, its latest news, process, and more, continue browsing this article.

PM Kisan KYC Update

The Pradhan Mantri Samman Nidhi Yojana is a federal program by the Indian Government that delivers financial assistance to eligible farmers. They receive yearly income support of Rs 6,000 in three installments of Rs 2,000 every four months. The KYC is the process used by financial authorities to determine the identity of their clients. It helps prevent fraud and money laundering and involves verifying your identity electronically using your Aadhaar card.

Through PM Kisan, the Government provides financial aid directly to farmers’ bank accounts. This helps to improve their financial security and well-being. The PM Kisan KYC Update, will help supplement the income of Indian farmers, encourage them to continue farming, improve their overall standard of living, and by requiring KYC, the Government also aims to ensure the scheme reaches the intended beneficiaries and minimize errors or misuse of funds.

eKYC Process

The PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana requires eKYC for all registered farmers to ensure a smooth transfer of benefits. Here is how you can complete your electronic know-your-customer process.

PM Kisan KYC Update

The beneficiaries of this program can make their PM Kisan KYC Update with the help of two different processes both online and offline. To make your eKYC process online you are required to follow these steps that involve:

  • Browse the leading PM Kisan portal at
  • Go to the Farmer Corner section and select eKYC.
  • Enter your Aadhaar number and the mobile number which is registered with Aadhaar.
  • A Time Password will be sent for verification, enter that and submit.
  • Upon successful verification, your eKYC will be updated.

This is how to can make your PM Kisan eKYC Process, and you can also make it offline by visiting your nearby CSC. These are Government-run centers that offer various citizen services, inform them to update your PM Kisan KYC, and the representative will assist you with the process using biometric Aadhaar authentication.

While making your PM Kisan KYC Update make sure your Aadhaar card is valid and linked to your mobile number, keep your card handy during both the process and your online process is generally quicker and easier compared to the offline process.

PM Kisan KYC Eligibility

However, there are no such specific eligibility criteria for the PM Kisan KYC Update, as long as you are already a registered beneficiary of this program then you are eligible. However, this program is only for Indian farmers, particularly small and marginal farmers with cultivable landholdings up to 2 hectares. There are some exclusions, like individuals holding certain constitutional positions or institutional landholders.

Once registered under PM Kisan, becomes mandatory for all beneficiaries. It verifies your identity using your Aadhar card, ensuring you are a legitimate recipient and enabling the smooth transfer of funds.

Latest News and Updatesgoo

The PM Kisan KYC Update is that each recipient is mandatory for the 16th Installment, and completing the eKYC process is mandatory to receive the upcoming installment. However, there is no official confirmation yet on the exact date for releasing the 16th installment. But based on the past trends, it is expected to be released soon and possibly within the upcoming days.

While there is no confirmed deadline for the eKYC update the announcement regarding the deadline is expected soon. You are required to complete your eKYC as soon as possible and check the PM Kisan Website for the latest news and updates regarding PM Kisan KYC Update you can also find some more essential details on your nearby local common service center regarding your eKYC update process.


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