Workfare Special Payment: Payout Date and Amount, Eligibility, Increase, News

This post contains all crucial information about the Workfare Special Payment, including the Payout Date and Amount, Eligibility, Increase, and News. To cover monthly expenses, individuals generally work overtime to get additional payment. Basically, the purpose of the Workfare Special Payment is to assist individuals with cash, food, housing, or medical expenses.

Workfare Special Payment

The WIS programs were introduced in 2007 to enhance citizens’ savings. If you want to opt for the WIS, you must do some work to receive benefits from the Government. If you have a decent job, it is far better to depend on government aid. However, the situation worsens for people who do not have a choice, earn low wages, and cannot tackle the inflated cost of living. This year, senior workers and disabled candidates will be prioritized more for their payments.

Individuals who cannot work find it challenging to get a job or who are alone to care for a child are entitled to the Workfare Special Payment (WIS). It is a great idea to pay a benefit to a person, even if employed, to motivate citizens to work harder rather than rely on welfare programs. Each worker is eligible for the $4200 payment in 2024. The amount and certain norms will be modified in the upcoming fiscal year.

  1. $1220 One Time Payment
  2. New Survivor Benefits
  3. Minimum Wage Increase
  4. Disability Increase 2024
  5. Carbon Tax Changes 2024

Workfare Special Increase 2024

The WIS amount will be raised according to the regulations and guidelines of the Central Provident Fund Board. The monthly income has been revised from $2,500 to $3,000 to qualify for the WIS. Currently, the highest value payment for a WIS member is $4200. As the fiscal year approaches, the older worker will be entitled to the enhanced payment of $4,900.

Workfare Income Supplement

Apart from the WIS payment, citizens can also claim for the GST vouchers to reduce their financial burden. For additional information on the Workfare Special Payment, visit the official Workfare website. The maximum amount will be paid to disabled individuals and senior pensioners

Workfare Special Eligibility

Check out the eligibility for the Workfare Special Payout from the we have shared below.

  • The applicant must be Singaporean in order to revive the WIS Payment.
  • The individual must be 30 years or older to get the benefit.
  • The person must be working or self-employed with a monthly income not exceeding $2500.
  • The claimant must not possess more than a single asset.
  • The minimum income of an employee must be $500.
  • In the case of married couples, the spouse must possess only one asset, and the joint income must not be more than $70,000.

The WIS amount will be reduced for more than a single property owner. Self-employed people must submit additional documents stating the profit and loss margins.

Workfare Special Payout Date 2024

Citizens can receive up to $4200, depending on their eligibility. The payment will be credited using PayNow and bifurcated into the following ways: 60 percent will be made to the CPF contribution, and the remaining 40 percent will be turned off in cash. To receive the payment, you must link your bank account with PayNow NRIC for seamless payment transactions.

Work Month Credit to Bank Account Gov Cash
January 2024 March end 1 April 2024
February 2024 April end 1 May 2024
March 2024 May end 1 June 2024
April 2024 June end 1 July 2024

The Workfare Special Amount will be paid out in the form of cash on the dates mentioned above, and as we know, the CPF is directly credited to the bank account so you can enjoy early access.

Workfare Special Amount 2024

The worker will receive the monthly payment, while the self-employed can claim the amount once a year. Workfare Special Amounts may vary based on the income and age of the individuals. You can check the table below for the precise amount based on your age group.

Age Group  Amount For Employed Amount For Self-Employed
30 to 34 years old $2100 $1400
35 to 44 years old $3000 $2000
45 to 59 years old $3600 $2400
60 years old and above $4200 $2800
PWD’s $4200 $2800

In addition to the basic WIS amount, the applicants will also receive an extra bonus based on their work performance and experience.

  1. $1220 One Time Payment
  2. New Survivor Benefits
  3. Minimum Wage Increase
  4. Disability Increase 2024
  5. Carbon Tax Changes 2024

Workfare Special Payment News 2024

The latest update concerns the new rates that will be effective in the upcoming year. The precise rates are shared in the table to give you a perfect idea of the payment.

Age Group  For Work Done from 1 January 2023 For Work Done from 1 January 2025
30-34  $2,100 $2,450
35-44 $3,000 $3,500
45-59 $3,600 $4,200
60 & above $4,200 $4,900
Disabled Candidates $4,200 $4,900

Kindly note that the new amount will be completely implemented from January 2025.


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