SASSA Payment April 2024: Credit Date, Payment Amount, What To Do To Claim It?

In this article, you will get to know about the SASSA Payment April 2024: Credit Date, Payment Amount, What To Do To Claim It? The SASSA payment is a social grant distributed by the South African Social Security Agency to eligible individuals and households in South Africa. This payment provides financial support to those who are unable to work due to various factors like old age, disability, or caring for dependents. For Apr 2024, the SASSA has made some essential changes in the amount you receive on the specific grants. To know more about the SASSA Payment April 2024, its credit date, and more, continue browsing this article.

SASSA Payment April 2024

The South African Social Security Agency delivers various payments that involve older person grants, disability grants, children grants, and social relief of distress grants. All the grants provide financial assistance support to recipients who meet the required eligibility circumstances.

The payment amount you receive depends on the specific grant, that provides a source of income for vulnerable populations, helps reduce poverty and inequality, and contributes to social issues like education and mental health.

The SASSA Payment for April 2024 may have increased which is based on a cost of living adjustment that aims to ensure the grant keeps pace with inflation and rising living expenses.

The South African Government considers various factors while determining the COLA for SASSA grants that involve the inflation rate, Socioeconomic factors like poverty levels and unemployment rates, fiscal constraints whose goal is to keep up with inflation, and budgetary pressures that influence the final cost of living adjustment amount.

SASSA Credit Date 2024

The SASSA Payment April 2024 payment depends on the specific grant you receive. The recipient person’s grant is for South African citizens aged 60 or above, the eligible recipient for this grant will be credited their payment on Wed, Apr 3rd, 2024. The Disability grant is for South African citizens with a permanent disability, the recipient will be offered this grant assistance on Thu, Apr 4th, 2024.

SASSA Payment April

The children’s grant that provides support for caregivers of children under the age of 18 is offered their credit assistance on Fri, Apr 5th, 2024. These are the credit dates for SASSA Payment April 2024, and along with these, the SRD grant is a temporary grant introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to help unemployed South Africans.

SASSA Payment Amount

The SASSA Payment in April 2024 will be based on the Cost of Living Adjustment increase. The increase varies depending on the type of grant and some general increases were announced that involve:

  • Old Age, Veterans, Disability, and Care Dependency grants with R90 increase starting from Apr 2024.
  • Foster Care grant with R50 increase effective from Apr 2024
  • Child support grant with R2p increase effective from Apr 2024.

For other social grants, the exact payment amount is not confirmed yet. The SASSA leading portal often publishes updates on grant values. You can even directly contact SASSA through the website or via phone at 0860 601 060 for further inquiries about the payment amount for your specific grant type.

What To Do To Claim SASSA Payment?

To claim the SASSA Payment in April 2024, recipients are first required to meet the eligibility conditions that involve:

  • You must be a South African citizen, permanent resident, refugee, or holder of a special permit.
  • You typically need to fall below a specific income threshold set by SASSA which varies according to your marital status or grant type.
  • Age limit applies on some grants, for old age grants you are typically required to be 60 or older, while for child grants you have to be under 18.
  • For disability grants you typically need a medical assessment for confirmation of a permanent disability.

These are some required eligibility conditions for SASSA Payment April 2024, and along with these the other grant eligibility varies according to the grant, and recipient who meet those specific eligibility conditions can claim it by following the below-mentioned steps:

Apply for the SASSA card at the SASSA office, make sure you bring the necessary documentation including your ID book and proof of residence.

Once your application is processed, you will be notified for collecting the SASSA card and after withdrawing the card recipient will be able to claim their SASSA grant directly into your bank account on the designated date for your grant type.


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